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filipino spirit. they refused to give up. >> reporter: the u.s. is among dozens of countries sending aid to the philippines. the united nations says the storm left more than 600,000 people homeless. wjz eyewitness news. >> if you would like to help the red cross is one of the agencies taking donations. call 1-800-red-cross or >>> breaking news from howard county where minutes ago a jury returned the verdict in the sex abuse trial of a former aide at the maryland school for the deaf. of the seven charges that clarence taylor was facing the jury returned two guilty verdicts, one not guilty verdict. not able to reach consensus in the remaining four cases. prosecutors say they will not retry the cases. the jury thribd for two and-a-half days and at one point indicated they may be deadlocked on all charges. more on this at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >>> switching gears -- another cold november day. though we're thankful the winds have died down a little. outside now sunny and very chilly out there. wjz live with first warning weather coverage. marty braving the outback. chelsea ingr
you to state radar. this is back a couple of hours. we have moisture over us but not much falling at this time. we did see a couple of snowflakes and more in western maryland. current temperatures now -- keep in mind we reached the high after midnight at 52 at the airport. now dropping to 38 degrees. that is where we are sitting now. colder in western maryland, 25 in oakland. we are from about four degrees to ten degrees, 13 cooler than we were this time 24 hours ago. we are ten degrees cooler in baltimore. temperatures will only continue to drop. let's go out to marty live at the wjz mobile weather lab. he has more to talk to you about. how cold is it, marty. >> it's cold. let's take a look at the automated equipment in the mobile weather lab. 37.4. we got a windchill that jumped up to 32. it has been averaging 24, 25. the winds, it's incredible. like when you have a squeak in your car and you take it to the service station, we don't hear anything. the winds just all of a sudden died down but we have been looking at steady winds, not necessarily a gust but steady over 13 miles pe
people as they made their way to safety. >> police came, escorted us. we had to run with our hands up. guns aimed at us, checked us. crazy. >> reporter: authorities found richard shoop's body and gun overnight in the back section of the mall that was closed off to public. authorities say shoop had had a history of drug dealing and drug abuse. >> he was definitely despondent in his life and it could have been the result of perhaps anticipated legal troubles that he thought was coming down or general depression. >> reporter: after friday's deadly shooting at the airport in los angeles authorities say they are relieved shoop didn't take any other lives. wjz, eyewitness news. >> prosecutors say shoop left a letter at his new jersey home he wrote a while ago, referencing his depression and said he felt the end was coming. >>> for the first time one of the tsa agents wounded in last friday's shooting at los angeles international airport is going public. ron matz is in the newsroom with more on what he's saying. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. tsa behavioral detection officer to
just yet. >>> a big marijuana bust in pasadena. august us stone is facing drug charges. 100 marijuana plants were confiscated, found during a raid monday morning. the plants are valued at $125,000. >>> it was election day in annapolis yesterday. the mayoral race is too close to call. at the moment, the republican challenger is ahead. there are 300 absentee ballots which will be counted tomorrow along with some from a broken voting machine. >>> we're enjoying seasonal temperatures across central maryland. outside right now mostly sunny and chilly. wjz live. and chelsea ingram is in the first warning center. we're all sweeping leaves. >> we are, especially with the winds. check out the current temperatures. we are warmer than we were yesterday. some of us nearing the 70- degree benchmark. today will be the warmest day of the week because the next system is being a little bit more progressive than we originally had expected. we're sitting at six in easton. and 65 at bwi marshall. and we're running from 3 degrees to 18 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. take a look at our temperatur
just need your help. >> u.s. marines are arriving with badly needed supplies for the millions of disaster victims. >> there was 15 to 25 feet waves that came across the entire villages. so everything is wiped out. >> witnesses say the damage from friday's deadly typhoon looks more like the after math of a tsunami. >> it's horrific. >> bodies lined the streets. some are losing guns to fight off lewders. these american storm chasers became rescuers when the typhoon tore through a hotel. they used mattresses to help people escape. >> tens of thousands are feared dead. the death toll is difficult to track because phone lines are down. a sign of life came today in one of the hardest hit villages when a woman gave birth to a baby girl. >> back here some locally based organizations are jumping many to help with much needed supplies. >> we're told that it's as big a disaster in terms of its impact as the earthquake in hati and the indian ocean tsunami. the rest of the world will have to step up and help. >> 8,000 tarps are part of the items being sent from here to provide temporary s
for non-life threatening injuries. back to you. >> thank you. this just into us, investigatort speed and alcohol appear to have been factors in the crash and they are continuing their investigation. >>> after a string of violent student robberies in towson, county and commuters leading are taking steps to improve safety. monique griego is live with more. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. s you said, don, the task force is looking at ways to improve safety. it wants to changes to happen as soon as possible. >> just this week three university students have been robbed while walking in the same towson community. one of them a 24-year-old male was viciously stabbed after being assaulted by two suspects. >> now that it's getting darker earlier it's scary walking home from classes. >> the robberies involved one goucher and two towson university students. the most recent happened thursday morning. the student said two suspects pulled up in a tan nissan vehicle and demanded her purse. while no weapon was involved, both of the previous attacks involved knives. >> that's been the
the past few days all of us have been shaken by the devastation. it's a heartbreaking reminder of how again -- short life is. one of our core principals is when friends are in trouble friends help. the u.s. will continue offering whatever assistance we can. our military person nail and aid team do this better then any one in the world. they have helped with air lift. today the ussa car -- carrier gorge washington came today. more help is on the way. america streight has been more about what our government can do but our citizen. the big hearts of the american people. today i would encourage everyone who wants to help visit the white house website and that will offer links to organization working on the ground. our friends in the philippines will face a long hard road ahead. switching gears. it's been 12 weeks sings the affordable care act website has open. it has been rough so far. everyone understands that i'm not happy that the roll out has been, you know, had a whole lot of problems i have been deeply concerned about. today i want to talk about what we have learned and what we are doing
back to marty with those details for us. marty. >> reporter: thank you very mu. hi, everybody. had to break out the scarf. its needed today. tomorrow still below normal but temperatures are actually going to start to rise a bit back towards normal, which is about 60 degrees. breezy and milder. i think this is going to be the head line. there's a pool cool of air that we're going to be tapping into. tomorrow still below normal. we shoot above normal by week's end before yet another cool down. meteorologist chelsea ingram with those details coming up shortly. now back inside. >> thank you. >>> the ravens are dealt a disappointing blow in a loss to the browns. wjz has complete coverage. ron matz has today's fan cam. we'll start with mark viviano with more on the ravens's third straight defeat. >> the ravens had extra time to rest and regroup during their bye week. after they lost two straight games they declared it time to start a new chapter. who better to play than the browns, the team the ravens had beaten 11 straight times. >> the browns were the clowns, the worst franchises in
. >> let me be clear the use of racial slurs, language about the man and his mother is not to be condoned. >> reporter: martin's father said he is strong and doing fine. >> he has only said he wants to clear his name. the team's coach said they will focus on monday's game in tampa bay. >>> here, a judge declares a mistrial in the second phase of the malpractice case of a former coordage mike midei. >> reporter: after deliberating for four days, the jury said it was deadlocked on what to award the plaintiff who received an unnecessary heart stent. and the jury said he breached care by implanting the device in the patient. the patient, partner in a company, sued for $50 million. he contends he had to retire early to recover. now his attorney says that he is disappointed about the mistrial and said he is not sure if his client will seek a retrial. don, back to you. >> thank you. 250 patients settled their cases out of court. >>> a naval academy graduate wants to change the way that sexual assault complaints are handled. and they want military prosecutors not commanders to decide if sex assau
dark fall and winter is upon us. tim williams talks about a spring-like warm up. last coming your way in our first warning weather segment. >>> more than a dozen and former nfl my players, including ray lewis files a suit against a bank. >> reporter: the athletes are suing bbnt bank for nearly $60 million. the bank allowed a financial advising firm to open accounts in ray lewis's and 16 other nfl players named. it was deemed illegal under alabama law. the firm involved is now banned from the industry. lewis, a two time nfl defensive player of the year who retired in february said he lost nearly $4 million. jessica, back to you. >> ron, thank you. according to the lawsuit, in ado lewis, former ravens linebacker gooden allege did lost $515,000 through an unauthorized bank transfer. >>> anne arundel county police investigate a masked man opening fire on two men. just before 8:00 police responded railroad avenue. one man was not one but one man was and died at the hospital. police need for information to find the man responsible. >> also what we're trying to find out is exactly why these
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10